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The Celebration Week in September for the 29th Convocation and 30th Anniversary of WATS was brought to a conclusion with the dedication of our new male student hostel, the Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya House on September 12, 2019.  

According to Provost Oluwafemi O. Martins, the new student hostel will accommodate approximately 120 students during the academic year.  In addition, it will allow the seminary to house larger numbers of conference guests during the summer to bring greater numbers of people to the WATS campus. 

We are thankful to our Lord for the wonderful provision by the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church.  Funding to supply some of the additional furnishings of the building was given by several gracious donors, and we want to publicly thank them. If you would like to give to completely furnish the rooms you can do so by sending your check to FWATS 609 E. Main St., Duncan, SC 29334. Or choose the "Donate Now" tab if you prefer to pay by credit card.

If you would like to see the design layouts of this project, you may do this by clicking on the photo or the words "Hostel Sketches" above to view.
Road Rehabilitation
Road Rehabilitation

The road leading from the Guesthouse to the Seminary was riddled with potholes. In addition to the guests of the Seminary this road is used by the community and those seeking medical help at the WATS Hospital. Money has been raised to begin the process, which is underway, but more is needed to keep it maintained especially after the rainy season. 

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