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We have more students in need of scholarships then we have donors giving. For a gift of just $1,200 you could cover the cost of a year's tuition plus fees for one student. It can be given in one lump sum, monthly or quarterly. You would be answering the prayers of many students who are attending on faith that God will touch your heart to give so they can stay the course He has led them on. We have students who have lost their parents in death and with that loss of a loved one they also lost their financial support. We have pastors who are following the Lord's leading to properly prepare for the ministry, but their churches cannot provide the funds needed for their education. We also have military chaplains who want to lead their soldiers to Christ in a manner worthy of their calling, but their pay is not enough to provide for their families needs and pay their school costs.

If the Lord has laid it on your heart to give, please click on the donate now button, or send your checks to FWATS 609 E. Main St., Duncan, SC 29334.

Upcoming FWATS Board Members Special Projects

Each of our FWATS board members has been tasked with spearheading two special projects. They range from immediate needs like a new well, updating 10 classrooms and refurbishing 10 faculty offices, purchasing necessary supplies for both classrooms and the library to capital projects like phase two and solar for the electricity and power needs, building a female hostel and an expanded facility for the hospital, etc. If you are willing to help with any of these kinds of projects please contact our office.

Ongoing Power Project-One Generator Installed
Ongoing Power Project-One Generator Installed

Phase One of the Power Project is complete with the installation of this new generator. We will update you as we get into the next phase of this project.

Road Rehabilitation
Road Rehabilitation

The road leading from the Guesthouse to the Seminary was riddled with potholes. In addition to the guests of the Seminary this road is used by the community and those seeking medical help at the WATS Hospital. Money has been raised to begin the process, which is underway, but more is needed to keep it maintained especially after the rainy season. 

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    A United States 501 (c) 3 charitable organization organized and operated to support West Africa Theological Seminary through Prayer, Participation and the Raising of Funds. Select one of the four ways above for more information about how you can directly support WATS.

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