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Polly Heffernan
FWATS Administrative Director
609 East Main Street
Duncan, SC 29334

2023 Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

Pastor Jerry Bimber, Chairman

Pastor Owupele Bamson, Vice Chairman

Jennifer Hommema, Volunteer Secretary

Dr. Kirk Houston, Treasurer

Prof Gary S. Maxey, Interim Executive Director

Members at Large:

Dr. Martin Oquike

Pastor Donny Plemmons (advisor)

Rev. William Cook

Pastor Christopher Davis

Dr. David Gross

James Heffernan


Dr. Gary Maxey, Founder of WATS

Richard Iheme Princewell

Dr. Chris Van Gorder

Ex-Officio Members:

Dr. Emmanual Oluwayemi (voting), Chairman WATS Governing Council

Dr. Dauda Gava (non voting), Provost WATS 

Dr. James Rose

Dr. Darius Salter

Dr. Roger Van Gelder

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    Mailing Address:

    609 E Main Street
    Duncan, SC 29334-9132

    Phone: (864) 977-8880

    About Us

    A United States 501 (c) 3 charitable organization organized and operated to support West Africa Theological Seminary through Prayer, Participation and the Raising of Funds. Select one of the four ways above for more information about how you can directly support WATS.

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